Monday, December 10, 2012

'Father' and 'AMEN!'

Hello everyone!
Here are two links to two new shortfilms film I worked on during the last 1 1/2 years:

"Father" is an animated documentary short, which I co-directed together with Ivan Bogdanov, Valjko Popovic, Asparuh Petrov,Rositsa Ralevy and Dim Yagodin! It features five parallel realities in which the impossible dialogue between a child and a father would take place.
"Father" did very well so far at the festivals and was screened at ITFS Stuttgart, Annecy, Hiroshima and many other great festivals!Find more infos on the official website:

2."AMEN!" which I could finance through the wonderful reference-funding system we have in Germany.
I'm happy to say that it was awarded at Palm Springs Shortfest earlier this year.
It's dealing with the difficult topic of the missuse of religion. It's a dark humor parable about an overmotivated priest who bores his single parishioner with a fire and brimstone sermon of biblical menaces.
more infos on the official website
and the facebook-page:

 Thanks to all teammembers for their effort! It was fantastic working together with you!


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